Training sessions can be 30 minutes or 1 hour in length, if the session is in your home, I will bring the necessary equipment for that particular workout.  If we workout at the Gathering Place (GP) they have the equipment.

In Home/Office Training

Individual Training

There are multi-session/3 month/6 month/12 month discounts

Multi-sessions must be used with 6 months

Group Training (Couples, etc. – no more than 5)

A very cost effective way to get the same thing as an individual session, but with friends!

There are multi-session/3 month/6 month/12 month discounts

Multi-sessions must be used within 6 months.


$45 Per Session

MAT-JS is a systematic approach for evaluating and correcting muscular imbalances that contribute to injury, impeded recovery and compromised performance.  It looks at muscle tightness and being secondary to muscle weakness.  And with this system of checks and balances, it proves whether exercise is enhancing efficient motion or re-enforcing compensation.

Classes (Tabata, 30 Minute Interval Trainings)

No more than 5 people in home setting, if you wish to do one at one the fitness centers I can do up to 10.  I do not want to many people because form is important!

It is a quick way to boost that metabolism and build muscle at the same time!

In home setting    $5 per person

Fitness Center      $6 per person

Cancellation Policy

A $10 Penalty applies for cancellations not made within 24 hours.  It will NOT result in you losing that training session from your package.

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